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Armolan Professional Window Films

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Window film

From a purely technical viewpoint, a self-adhesive window film is a multi-layer PET film where one side is equipped with a sensitive pressure adhesive. The individual, multilayer structure of the films determines a film type in different categories like e.g. Safety or Sun protection films.


Sun Protection film

Tailored to your needs, our individual and innovative film structure ensures the reduction of solar radiation. A positive effect is the reduction of heat inside your building. In conjunction with the window film, the glass of your building becomes more stable and thereby safer. Moreover, the coloring of the film prevents the view into the interior. The film is a cost effective possibility to give your building an individual design.


Tinting film

Window films do not only improve the optical appearance of an automobile – the main benefits are heat and glare reduction, shatter protection and to help to protect your privacy.


Residential window films

the silent and “passive” air conditioning system without operating costs - retrofitted easily on existing buildings as well as new buildings.


Protection film

Protection films include the whole range of Anti-burglary protection films, Shatter protection films, Safety and Security films and Anti-Graffiti films.


Installation Toos

Professional window film installation requires, in addition to technical knowledge, special installation tools to achieve the best possible results.


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Developed to improve your life!

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