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    Professional Window Films
    Developed to improve your life!
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    architectural film,sun protect film
  • Safety and Protective
    With these special features, our films will significantly increase your life!
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    security film, shatter protect film
  • High IR & UV Protection
    The issue of energy efficiency has come to head in recent years for two major reasons: to be more environmentally friendly and to save money.
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    automotive film, uv protection film, heat protection film
  • Architectural Films
    Solar control film screens out solar heat, harmful ultraviolet rays (UV) and uncomfortable glare.
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    privacy film , energy safe
Who We Are About Us

Through the years, Armolan has striven to bring customers all over the world excellent products and services. Our journey has enabled us to become one of the largest international suppliers and distributors of auto, residential, and commercial. The connections we have made over the years allow us to provide our clients with the best value on the market.

Our goal is to help your business excel. When you do well, we do well. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide superior professional service. Armolan is committed to provide the Best Quality Films at the Best Price. Armolan offers an extremely wide range of window films for a variety of architectural, automotive, and safety applications. Our safety films are the favored choice for discerning home and automobile owners, tinters, applicators, architects, interior designers, builders, and project management consultants.

The range of our products includes reflective, non-reflective, safety, gradation, privacy, specialty, and decorative films, and offers many undeniable benefits.

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Window Films & Automotive Films
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Trailer Automotive Films
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Window Films & Automotive Films
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Window Films & Automotive Films
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Window Films & Automotive Films
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Window Films & Automotive Films
What We Offer Armolan Professional Window Films
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